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Photo credit: Malcolm Graham


The Friends of All Saints’ Church have been privileged to hold the ‘Brixworth Lecture’ every October/November for the past 30 years, the first being in 1983 given by Dr HM Taylor entitled, ‘All Saints’ Church, Brixworth: How the Church Took Its Shape’.

We have enjoyed listening to some of the Country’s top professors & historians as well as some from other countries.

Many of the lectures have subsequently been published and we are pleased to offer for sale some of these publications via our website and from the Church building.

In addition to these we have other publications by authoritative people in their field who have worked on research of the Church, giving an all-round explanation about what is one of the best churches in the country.

A list of all the Brixworth lecture titles can be found on the Leicester University website –, follow the link for the Medieval Research Department and then Brixworth Lectures or click here

All Saint’s Church – Colour Guidebook

Coinage and the Economy of Anglo-Saxon England – By Mark Blackburn

Northamptonshire Stone – By D.S. Sutherland

Architecture, Liturgy and Romanitas – By Richard Gem

The Building of Brixworth Church – By D.S. Sutherland

All Saints’ Brixworth: How the church took its shape – By Harold M Taylor

The Mystery of the Brixworth Relic – By David Parsons

St. Boniface – Clofesho – Brixworth – By David Parsons

Brixworth Archaeological Research Committee: Two interim reports – By Diana Sutherland and David Parsons

Who Served the Altar at Brixworth? – By Julia Barrow

Opening the Franks Casket – By Michael Swanton

Anglo-Saxon Missionaries in Germany – By Rosamond McKitterick

The Church and the Law in early Anglo-Saxon England – By H.R.Loyn

The Meaning of Mercian Sculpture – By Richard N. Bailey

Two Anglo-Saxon Rituals – Church Dedication and the Judicial Ordeal – By D.W. Rollason

The Early Christian Church in Leicester and its Region – By Richard Bailey

The Councils of Clofesho – By Simon Keynes

The Priest, the Temple and the Moon in the Eighth Century – By Ian Wood

Sculpture on the Mercian Fringe: The Anglo-Saxon crosses at Sandbach, Cheshire – By Jane Hawkes

The Search for Saint Wigstan – By David Rollason

On Bells and Belltowers: Origins and Evolutions in Italy and Britain, AD 700-1200 – By Neil Christie

Lost Chantries and Chapels of Medieval Northamptonshire – By David Parsons

Church, State and Access to Resources in Early Anglo-Saxon England – By Nicholas Brooks

Corruption, decline, and the ‘real world’ of the early English Church: aristocrats as abbots – By Patrick Wormald

Gluttons for Punishment: The Drunk and Disorderly In Early English Homilies – By Elaine Treharne

Postcard – Stained Glass window, the building of All Saints

Postcard – 15th Century Screen over the entrance of the Lady Chapel

Postcard – South view of All Saints Brixworth

Greetings Cards – Triumphal Arch and Altar (with envelope)

Greetings Cards – Floodlight View of All Saints Brixworth Church (with envelope)


All publications can be purchased via an email request. This can be made either via the form below or by sending an email of the publications you are interested in to:

Once your publication enquiry has been received we will contact you ASAP regarding your request.


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