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Brixworth Church

Re-gilding the cockerel

On 23rd September 2020 a team of expert steeplejacks, Walton Access from Staffordshire, climbed Brixworth church tower and affixed ladders up to the top of the spire.  One brave member of the team climbed to the very top of the steeple and carefully removed the very rusty and battered looking cockerel weathervane from its resting place overlooking the village and brought it down to the ground.

The cockerel was taken to a workshop for repair and re-gilding.

On 12th October the steeplejack team returned and carefully replaced the renovated, shiny and proud cockerel back on top of the church spire.  A number of local people turned out to watch this special occasion and record the event.

At the same time the steeplejack team conducted a survey of the fabric of the steeple, spectacularly abseiling down and around the sides.  They also tested the lightning conductor and generously repaired and replaced some roofing tiles on the church which had been damaged a few weeks before during a storm.

The cockerel last came down for renovation in 1992.

No one locally can remember the church without the cockerel on top of the spire.  “It’s just always been there”, is the answer we get when we try to establish when it was first erected.

The Friends organisation contributed £1,500 towards supporting this project.