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The Heritage Centre

Stonework repairs to the Heritage Centre

‘The Thomas Roe School’ as it was known when built back in 1811, was purchased by The Friends in 1991 (sale completed 1993).

Prior to The Friends taking ownership the building had been maintained by the Thomas Roe Charity.  The building had had various uses, mainly for education. In 1870 the building opposite was constructed for use as the main school for the village.

When the Friends purchased the building it was almost derelict and a huge refurbishment project began.  Over a period of almost two years the interior of the building, the roof and the windows were all removed leaving a shell of four walls of Northamptonshire stone to work from.  The majority of the work was carried out by local craftsmen who, in the main, volunteered their time and talents.

The exterior stone walls were all made sound, extra stone was added where windows were blocked up.

The stone has served us well but two years ago deterioration was noticed on the roadside of the building where the stone gets spray from passing traffic.  The spray from the salt applied to the roads in icy weather is very damaging to the stonework. To prevent damp from seeping through the walls into the interior of the building, and the stonework crumpling into the road, something had to be done.

In October 2020, The Friends employed a local, time-served, Stone Mason to refurbish the lower part of the wall on the roadside. Replacing and repairing the damaged stone.

The Stone Mason came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed.  The work carried out by John Coleman is of a very high standard, was completed on time, and with a minimum of disruption.

You will see from the attached photographs where some of The Friends’ money has been spent but, I don’t think you will see the join!